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Japanese toolbox

Most wood workers or indeed keen diy'ers will own a number of tools. So with this comes the need to store them, keep them safe and so on. So the quest begins. There are many options , opinions and ideas. Some say that a toolbox is kind of a right to passage , showing off the skill of that person normally involving a lot of dovetails. Dovetails are strong , look good and will stand the test of time but, will also take some time, especially if your opting for a chest with tills. I do use dovetails in my work but I didn't want to spend that time when there's other options . Others will opt for a mix of dovetails (or other joints) and screws/nails and these type of box's can be really good as well. so what do you build?  My first toolbox was not a common design but something I seen on YouTube which I really liked. So having spent some time looking at other designs I decided that this design was for me. Both sides of the box fold down allowing acce