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Dovetail strength.

In the past few years I have built several pieces of furniture with single corner dovetails. When I say single corner joints I mean multiple dovetails fixing two or three pieces of wood together "A single corner" . There is always sides unsupported, Never a full shape like a square . I haven't seen a lot of examples of single corner furniture. Maybe because 4 corner dovetail construction, has been around for so long and has stood the test of time. The like of chests and drawers constructed with dovetails are common , and it is also common to see these examples with some age to them, with some examples from the 1700s still standing . This is because the dovetail joint is a strong joint and has been around since 3000bc , and has been seen in early Egyptian furniture. So if the above examples can last for all that time , it gives good indication that, single corner dovetail construction is viable if used with careful thought. Some time ago I built my

A simple bench any one can make?

     That's a bold title and statement but, I believe the majority of people who read this , and want to make one, could do so. Time is always against me, and with the fact that I have just moved home , needing furniture and me being me! I have to build it myself, With the limited time I have. Next on my list to make was a TV unit. I wanted something quick and easy. A bench seemed like a good idea. It would house my TV, and I had no use for an under shelf, since I don't use a DVD player or cable box , everything gets streamed .  So I thought perfect! It'll do for now , and if I choose to make a TV unit in the future, the bench can be used else where in the house. When you think about , a bench can be used for a lot . Extra seating, shoe bench, coffee table, end of bed bench, a side table and im sure there's more uses, that you can think of! Original I was going to use one wide, thick slab for the top, but after much debate, I decided to use