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Rounded dovetails

Dovetails are visually stunning and of course they are structurally strong. What's more stunning then dovetails?Rounded dovetails! The first time I seen a rounded dovetails, I was amazed at how good they looked. So I looked into them in more depth, and I found that there was a lot of people petrified of them. Statements like 'your dovetails have to be perfect' can and do put people off. If your thinking of rounding your dovetails, chances are your dovetails are pretty good anyway. And even if there not . Just a few simple steps will give you good results. Below are the steps that I follow, that give me good results cutting dovetails so I can round them, if I choose to. I always start with my ends square. Not close , square. I then pencil the thickness of my material on one board. I don't allow extra when doing this, I shoot for getting it to the thickness. When you chisel out the Waste later, you WILL move your knife wall back. So allowing extra, is just m