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My essential tools

With the many tools available to us woodworkers, it presents the question of how many tools do we actually need. There is a saying 'There is a tool for every job'.  While this is true, and i have seen these scenarios time and again proving, that there is a tool for every job but, do you need every tool you own? or go out and buy every tool you see? how many tools can you get by with? I will admit i do have a problem with tools, i cant stop buying them , and have nowhere to put the bloody things ! I like nothing more then to wake up on a friday, have a coffee, and head to the local flea market to see what treasures ( old hand tools ) i can find. And let me tell you , I get upset if i walk away empty handed. So thinking about scaling down and curbing my addiction ( maybe? ). I thought about what tools i would consider essential, my everyday tools, maybe to take on my travels, and what could be recommended as a starting point, to someone starting out in the world of unplugg