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The commonality ruler

Anyone who has been practising woodworking or DIY , will most likely have came across or own a multi tool. Some of them are good, and some of them , are well ........... shite. And I think sometimes it's because there just not practical to the task(s) at hand. On the occasions they are practical to the task, they can be excellent. Making myself a small wooden ruler, had been floating around in my head for a little while , which could fit in my pocket, and  would be really handy (helpful). Then I thought to myself, if i remove a section of wood , it will also be a small square, pretty handy as well . So that got me thinking, how many practical applications could I make this simple ruler perform, for the work I carry out ? The answer was ten in total, and built my uses on commonality in my own work,  although two uses were a bit less common in my day to day work, they were still useful so I included them. The first use is obvious, a ruler. A small ruler is